• … features we've never seen anywhere else.
    The data tracking on its own is worth the three dollars asking price.
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  • You want to be more productive, just so you can interact with Doozy.
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  • With Doozy's ubiquitous use of color and flexibility, you need never forget an important event, birthday or anniversary again.
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Transform your events into interactive icons and images


Track and graph numbers, progress and completion


Loaded with advanced event types and frequencies

A New Take On Productivity

Doozy isn't just a standard task manager with a different interface, it's an entirely new take on productivity.

By transforming tasks and events into interactive icons which can do everything from track data to fetch the weather, Doozy uses visual cues to quickly show you what you need to do.

Visual Cues

Make use of visual cues like position, color, icon and image to see what you need to do with just a glance.


Doozy includes standard priority-sorted lists which can be attached to and accessed through events.

Doozy will display the list's completion percentage next to the event icon - simply tap the event to open it.

Recurring Events

Doozy makes it ridiculously easy to set up recurring events.

Want an event to appear on the third Wednesday of every other month? Doozy has you covered.

Track and Graph

Doozy isn't just a task manager, it's also a tracking and graphing app.

Events can be configured to record numbers, bodybuilding sets/reps/weights, percentages or be tapped and marked as done or not done. Doozy will even graph recorded data for you.


Doozy automatically fetches weather conditions based on your current location and displays them in the header on each calendar.

Tap to bring up a seven-day forecast, or create events which fetch weather for other locations.


Doozy includes notes which come in 5 different colors and can be emailed.


Fetch post summaries from RSS/XML feeds.